If you wish to make payments to your merchant via credit card, you will need to set them up. 

Setting up Credit Card/s in Wise-Pay will allow you to use the Pay Now action to pay outstanding invoices as well as have them on file for recurring payments, if this is part of your agreement with your merchant. You can choose to store as many credit cards as you need, however they must be credit cards that your merchant will accept.

For information on the supported payment methods, see How to Pay an Invoice.


  1. Login to Wise-Pay with you payer credentials
  2. Navigate to Settings > Saved Credit Cards to view the Credit Cards tab of the Wise-Pay Settings You can also click Settings > My Details and click the Credit Cards tab.
  3. Click Add > Credit Card to add a new credit card to your Wise-Pay account or click the Edit icon to edit an existing credit card details record.
    Wise-Pay displays the Add/Update Credit Card
  4. (Only when you are registered as a payer with multiple merchants) Select the Payment Company from the first drop-down. It is the company who issues invoices to your company. You may see multiple companies in this list if you have registered as a payer with multiple Wise-Pay merchant companies.
  5. Select your company from the Your Company Name drop-down. You may see multiple companies if you have multiple companies and registered with Wise-Pay using the same email address.
  6. Specify the Name On Card, Card Number, and Card Expiry details.
  7. Click the I accept the terms for saving my card for later use check box.
    Wise-Pay displays the Terms & Conditions popup listing the terms defined by the Wise-Pay merchant for credit card payments.
  8. Click Accept to accept the terms.

    Note: Wise-Pay does not store credit card or bank details of the merchant and payers on its servers. These details are stored with third-party payment processors (such as Integrapay) on their extra-secure servers.

  9. Click Save to save the credit card details.
  10. You can click Delete icon to delete a saved credit.

You cannot delete a credit card if it is being used in one or more auto-pay mappings. You will have to change or delete the auto-pay mapping before deleting the credit card.

Registered with multiple Wise-Pay Merchants?

If you have registered as a payer with multiple Wise-Pay merchants (indicated by multiple company records in the Companies tab), you can save different credit cards for each of the Wise-Pay merchants. For example, you can configure to pay ABC Inc. using one account and XYZ Inc. using the other. You have to select the payer account for the desired merchant from the menu on the top-right corner of the Wise-Pay screen, and then save the credit card details for the selected merchant.

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