QBO Account / GL Mapping and Supported Account Mappings

QBO Account / GL Mapping and Supported Account Mappings

Account numbers are the preferred option, they provide for the most control and validation is also managed by QBO. Account numbers must be unique in QBO a validation error will display in QBO if you try to save an account number that already exists. This applies also to sub accounts, which must be numbered.

1. Account numbers are recommended and should not be used in conjunction with account names.

a) Account Numbers (Preferred)  


2. The Account Description can be used in place of Numbers. The value must be unique between accounts, and are not validate by QBO 

I.e Higher risk of conflicting accounts where the numbering is not unique. 

3. Sub accounts are supported as numbered accounts, and where numbered sub accounts are used, the full path must be provided.

4. Sub Accounts are support for account descriptions, however only the specified sub account is although do not need to provide path for sub account numbering. (i.e PR1-4-1000:PR1.4-1110), only the account number is required (PR1.4-1100).

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