Step 3 > Setup Tax Groups & Payment Terms

Setup Sales Tax Groups

Wise-Sync will apply Tax Rates QuickBooks Online based on the Tax Group name in ConnectWise. If there is a mismatch between the rates defined in each system, and error will be returned if you try to sync a record that has a mismatched tax code.

Note: Tax Codes will not be created in QuickBooks Online if they are missing.

Setup Sales Tax:

Depending on the region of your QBO company, you may have slightly different options that are specific to your regional location.
RegionTax TypeRegion Specific Instructions
USSales TaxSetup US Tax

Setup Payment Terms Mapping

Payment terms are mapped by the Terms XRef in ConnectWise. The terms must match between both systems so that terms are applied correctly.

  1. Click on the Settings menu item in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on All Lists

  3. From the list of items Select Terms

Step 1: Create Matching Terms in QuickBooks Online

Each of the terms listed in ConnectWise Billing Terms setup table will require a matching Term in QuickBooks Online.

Create New Term:

Create a new Term in QuickBooks Online by clicking on the New Button.

  1. Enter the Name as per the ConnectWise Billing Term Name
  2. Select the option for Terms:

    Due in a Fixed Number of Days: Set the days as per the ConnnectWise Days
    Due by certain day of the month:
      - Set the day of the month payment is due.
      - Set the same for days of due date

    Option: Select if discounts are offered if paid early.

  3. Press Save

Repeat for each of the Terms Listed in ConnectWise.

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