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Setup Accounting Package Interface in ConnectWise

In this section we will configure the accounting package interface in Connectwise to structure the dataset so that it can be accepted by Wise-Sync and imported in the the relevant sections in QBO. The following settings ensure that all of the data elements expected by Wise-Sync are contained within each batch.

How to Configure the Accounting Package Interface in ConnectWise.

Information you'll need..

  1. Access to Connectwise to configure the Accounting Interface.

Step 1: System > Accounting Package

  1. Search for the Setup Table "Accounting Package"
  2. Select the "Accounting Package" Setup Table

Step 2: Configure the Accounting Package Setup Options

Updated Screenshot from v2017.1

  1. Select Other from the dropdown list
  2. Check to Enable the Include Invoices 
  3. Select to export Time detail on invoices as preferred output (* Version Option only available in v2014.5+)
      - Default: No Detail
      - Ticket: Ticket Summary per Invoice Line
      - Condensed: Detailed Ticket summary information
    ** Note this setting will also need to be set in Wise-Sync > QBO Invoice Options **

  4. Check to Enable the Sales Tax Option
  5. Check to Enable the Inventory SOH Option
      - If you are using Procurement > Select "Export Procurement Items"
  6. Select the COGS option
  7. Change the Number of Segments to 4.
  8. Enter Segment 1: Account
  9. Enter Segment 2: Tracking 1 
      - Recommended for later support of Tracking.
  10. Enter Segment 3: Tracking 2
      - Recommended for later support of Tracking.
  11. Enter Segment 4: Non-ProductID
  12. Select from the Segment Dropdown Account
  13. Select from the Segment Dropdown Class
  14. Select from the Segment Dropdown Class
  15. Select from the Segment Dropdown Class
  16. Save the Record
Note: Even where you do not have the procurement module, it is important that you select the items (4,15) as described as this can affect the format and inclusion of information required by Wise-Sync when posting product item records. The additional segments 2 & 3 will be required if Tracking features are to be configured. It is recommended that these classes are included even if not used.

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