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Update TermsXRef

Wise-sync will refer to the Billing Terms [Terms Xref] to determine the number of days which have been applied to the Invoice or Procurement "Payment Terms" field. The way in which this information is returned from ConnectWise Differs between invoices and procurement. To ensure that the days can be determined in all cases the matching terms name from QuickBooks Online needs to be added to the Terms Xref in the Billing Terms ConnectWise Setup Table.

Open Connectwise, and navigate to:

System > Setup Tables

  1. Search for "Billing Terms" in the [Table] field
  2. Select the Billing Terms" setup table

For each Billing term > Update the Terms Xref Field

Select each of the terms records, and update the Terms Xref: field to represent a numeric value of the number of days

  1. Update Each record in the list by selecting the description field
  2. Copy and Paste the Quickbooks Online Term to the the Terms Xref field of the Billing Term in ConnectWise.
    1. For example, if your Term in Quickbooks Online is named Net 30 Days, the ConnectWise Billing Terms Xref must be Net 30 Days
  3. Save the Record
Repeat Steps 1 - 3 for all records in the Billing Terms List

Note: For special terms such as "15th of Next Month":

  1. Set the date due, and due next month if issued within (days) of due date to the same value.
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