Step 4 > You're Done - A Checklist Before You Start Syncing

So You're Ready to Sync to QBO, let's just double check.

Before you're ready to hit the sync button, lets just recap and make sure that you have checked off the pre-requisites.

Things you need to have completed before syncing to QBO

Wise-Sync Setup
  • All details for your connectwise PSA Site are entered, and you have pressed Test Connectwise Connectivity and you have a "Success" response.
  • Your company ID is entered (Note: Use 'training' if you want to do testing, and you have access to a Training Instance of ConnectWise)
  • Connectwise  Integrator Login details are correct and you have created the Integrator Login
  • Created your sync user accounts and updated the Connectwise Member user account details, and you have pressed Test Connectwise Connectivity and you have a "Success" response.
  • Ensure that each user can sync the company (Required for "User" role only, and selected on the user panel)

Once you have the above checked off, you are now ready:

Lets Go: Syncing with Wise-Sync

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