Step 3 > Create Wise-Sync Users

Getting Started > Wise-Sync Users

Adding the users to Wise-Sync is simple. It also provides the Account Admin with the functionality to update PSA Member account and email details.

Create New User List

  1. Create New User (Button)
     - Click to Create a new user
  2. User List
    - List of all users assigned to the account.

Step 1: Create New User

Note: User roles allow for the sync of company feeds. In order to create a user, you need to have created your companies before commencing this step.
  1. User Role
     - Select the Tax code that you would like for the system to use, when you sell your products and services in ConnectWise. 
  2. Companies (for Sync)
     - Select the Tax code that you would like for the system to use when you by your products as purchased on your Procurement Module Purchase Orders.
     - Note: When additional companies are added, the permission to sync for that company must be added for each existing user.
  3. First Name
     - Enter the users first name.
  4. Last Name
     - Enter the users last name.
  5. Email Address
     - Enter a unique email address
  6. Username
     - Enter a unique username (Tip: Use your email)
  7. Password
    - Enter a Password for the sync user (can be changed by the user)
     - Confirm password.

    The following Steps are important to ensure that you can sync records from ConnectWise. Failing to update the ConnectWise user details will result in the following error. 

    ConnectWise 'GetUnpostedInvoices' returned an error: Username is a required field.

  8. Connectwise Member ID
     - Enter a PSA Member ID (Connectwise User) that has access to the GL Interface
  9. Connectwise Member password
     - Enter the PSA Member User Password
     - Confirm PSA Member User Password
  10. Click: Test ConnectWIse Connectivity
    - This will confirm that all settings have been applied correctly.

    Note: If you are unsuccessful in connecting at this point, please review the following articles:

    Using LDAP Authentication in ConnectWise ? >> 
    How to Reset your Connectwise Member Password

    Unable to retrieve records you do not own? >> 
    Ensure you have selected "All Records" in the API Integrator Login Setup
  11. Click Create to add the New User

Step 2: Create A Quick Link:

QuickLinks are a useful way of providing authenticated passthrough for direct access from within ConnectWise (as a Custom User Menu).

When a QuickLink is created, the URL is encoded and provide direct access into Wise-Sync. This can be saved as the URL in a Custom User Menu, so that when clicked inside ConnectWise, the experience to access Wise-Sync is seamless from within the ConnectWise UI.

For more information on Configuring QuickLinks and Custom User Menus, refer to our KB Article on this great function we called Click-Click-Boom.

Note: We recommend that a special user is created for the purpose of a QuickLink, and is set to a "User" account profile. This will limit the quick link from changing any account settings.

  1. Click on the "Generate QLink" button to create the QuickLink

    The QLink is then displayed:

  2. Copy the QLink token to test in your browser.

    Tip: The QLink can also be saved as a browser favorite for use outside of ConnectWise.

  3. Press Save
  4. Create a Custom Menu Entry in ConnectWise.

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