Setup Sales Tax (US Region)

Setup Sales Tax (US Region)

Xero supports three different tax structures
  • Static: Where a single rate is applied to the invoice and payable to a single tax agency
    Refer Steps: Setup: 1
  • ConnectWise Group: Where a (combined) set of tax rates payable to different agencies is set for each invoice.
    Refer Steps: Setup: 2a, Setup: 2b
  • ConnectWise Tax Line: Where a multiple level tax calculation can be set for each line on an invoice. Each level of the ConnectWise Tax Group (level) is mapped to a specific Xero tax rate.
    Refer Steps: Setup 3
Wise-Sync will map ConnectWise tax based on the selection made in the Tax Code setup in Wise-Sync. The recommended setting to ensure taxes are applied for each invoice should be set to "Tax Group", as this will match the ConnectWise Tax Code Name on the Invoice to the Tax Rate Name in Xero. 

Tax Rates Setup

  1. Click on the Settings > General Settings menu
  2. Click on Tax Rates

Step 1: [Check] Add Tax Rates for each of your required tax rates as per the ConnectWise setup

Xero will load with default Tax Rates. However tax rates applicable to your use and sales will be required to be added. You will be required to add each
 tax rates based on your preferred mapping level, Static, Group, Line.
  1. Click on "New Tax Rate" button at the top of the form
  2. Enter the Tax Group | TaxCodeXRef based on your preferred selection below
  3. In the Component Setting, add the Tax Agency Name
  4. In the Rate (Percentage) enter the Percentage of the tax component as a whole number.
    To add additional Components for multi-structured taxes, press the Add a Component button, and repeat steps 3 & 4
  5. Press Save

Step 2a: Create a Single Tax Rate

Click > New Tax Rate button at the top of the form on the right of the Tax Rates Page.

Step 1: Create (or Edit) a Tax Rate.
  1. Press the "New Tax Rate" button to create a Single Tax Rate

    Note: If you already have Tax Rates setup in Xero, then you only need to check the names match between the systems.

  2. If you require a Multi-Component Tax Rate, press Add a Component refer to Step 2b.

    Single: If you only need to pay a single Agency.
    Combined: If you need to pay multiple Agencies.

  3. Set the Xero Tax Rate Display Name to Match against ConnectWise Tax Code Description

    Item 1: Enter the Same Name as defined in the ConnectWise Tax Code Description
    Item 2: Enter the Rate (as whole units I.e. 15% = 15)

    Refer to the ConnectWise Tax Code for the same Tax Rate details: