Setup Australian Tax

Tax Code: GST on Income

Wise-Sync will map ConnectWise tax based on the selection made in the Tax Codes setup in Wise-Sync. The recommended setting to ensure taxes are applied for each invoice is GST on Income

This setting will match the ConnectWise Tax Code Name on the Invoice to the Tax Rate Name in Xero.

Xero Tax Rates Setup

  1. Go to Settings > General Settings
  2. Click Tax Rates

Add the Tax Rates you require to match up with your ConnectWise setup

Xero will provide default Tax Rates, however you're still required to add the tax rates applicable to your sales tax requirements. 

  1. Click New Tax Rate at the top of the screen

  1. Enter the TaxCodeXRef based on your preferred selection  - example GST on Income
  2. Select the Tax Type 
  3. Enter Tax Components - example GST
  4. In the Rate (Percentage) enter the Percentage of the tax component as a whole number.- example 10%
  5. Click Save

Note:  It is important to set the Xero Tax Rate Display Name to Match against ConnectWise Tax Code Description  

ConnectWise Tax Rates Setup

In ConnectWise

Go to Set Up Tables > Invoicing > Tax Codes Screen > Add Tax Code

  1. In the Setup Screen, Enter the Same Name as defined in the ConnectWise Tax Code Description
  2. Enter the Rate (as whole units I.e. 10% = 10)

Note: ConnectWise records the fractional value of the percentage (0.01 = 1%)

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