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Create GL Mapping Records to Map System Accounts to Xero Account Numbers

In this section we will be mapping the account numbers from XERO into the GL Mapping Tables in Connectwise. If you are looking to make changes to your Chart of Accounts in xero, it is recommended that you complete any account changes (numbering), before commencing the GL Mapping in ConnectWise.

There are several considerations when mapping revenue through the GL Accounts Setup Table. If you need assistance or clarification we suggest you review the Getting Started - Connectwise GL Mapping knowledge base articles.

How to Setup your GL Accounts In ConnectWise

Information you'll need..

  1. The organisation that you are mapping in XERO open, or a print out of our Chart of Accounts to refer to.

To get Started, the following records need to be created at an owner level

  1. Accounts Receivable
  2. Accounts Payable
  3. Deferred Revenue (Revenue-Deferred)¹
  4. Sales Tax (Level 1)
  5. Purchase Order Freight (v2013 only)

Note for users with Multiple Companies in Wise-Sync: It is possible to set the level for key asset / liability accounts at an owner level, where the account numbers are common all of your xero organisations. the above only applies where the same account number for each key account is the same for all xero organisations.

Step 1: System > Setup Tables

  1. Search for the Setup Table "GL Accounts"
  2. Select the "GL Accounts" Setup Table

Step 2: Confirm Account Numbers in XERO

  1. Log into your xero organisation and from the top menu click on: Settings > General Settings > Chart of Accounts
  2. Select the "Chart of Accounts" item on the page.
  3. Search for "Accounts" (or the name of the account from the table below)
  4. Take Note of the following accounts details for each account required:
    1. Code
    2. Name

Example information to collect (based on screenshot):

Onexero Account Numberxero Account Name
Accounts Receivable1-1200B2 - Accounts Recievable
Accounts Payable2-1200B9 - Accounts Payable

Record your information for each of the following system accounts:

xero Account Numberxero Account Name
Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable

Deferred Revenue¹

Sales Tax

Step 3: Create a New GL Mapping for System Accounts (Items 1 - 5 above)

  1. Click the '+' button on the General Ledger List Page.
  2. Select the Account Type from the Drop Down List
  3. Select the Table (structure) to refer the mapping to:
  4. Select the Record based on the table
  5. Enter the "Xero Account Number" for the corresponding Xero chart of accounts, account number.
  6. Click 'Save' or 'Save & Close' the Record, and continue

Repeat the above steps for each of the following System Accounts:

¹ Earlier versions of Connectwise defined "Deferred Revenue" as "Revenue-Deferred", these account classes are interchangeable and have the same function.

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