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Accounting Interface (GL Interface)

In order to sync ConnectWise financial records to QuickBooks Online, GL batches need to be posted for each financial record created in ConnectWise. In order to post accounting records, the PSA Member (ConnectWise User) needs to have security access to allow this function to be completed by the sync user. This is managed in ConnectWise under the access controls to the Security Module "GL Interface"

If your organisation has a number of users assigned to a specific security roles, and not all users require access to the GL Interface, a new role can be created to allow specific users access to the Accounting Interface.

Open Connectwise, and complete the following two steps:

Step 1: Setup > Members

  1. Search for the Member who will access the syncing service in wise-sync
    > For this example are searching for "WiseSync" User
  2. Take note of the Role from the User from the Member List

Step 2: Setup  > Security Roles

  1. Select the role from the filter [Select Role] field (from Step 1)
    > For this example we are checking access to GL interface for the "Finance" Role, if you have another role which a user is part of, then this will be substituted.
  2. Select the Invoicing and Finance Security Function

Update the GL Interface security module

  1. Select the Role which the member is assigned to
  2. Change the access to [ALL] for all levels
    1. Add
    2. Edit
    3. Delete
    4. Inquire
  3. Save the Record

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