Step 1 > Update your Account Details

Getting Started > Updating your Account Details

The account screen is where all of the site information for Connectwise is recorded. This information is only visible and editable by the account admin.

When your account is created, the default information is recorded, to help you refer to your own setup for this information.

Step 1: Click on Account Details Tab

What you will need to do:

Are you using v2015.1 > Refer to KB Article for Changes to API Values detailed below.

  1. Enter your Connectwise PSA Site Details, which are found on the Connectwise PSA Login screen.

    NOTE: Ensure that you include the https:// before your site name.

  2. Enter the path where your PSA site web resources are located (default is v4_6_Release)
  3. Enter the Connectwise Database that you wish to connect to (for production use your live database, training or testing use your 'training' database.)
  4. Enter the Connectwise Integrator Login User details, which are found in Connectwise > Setup Tables > Integrator Logins, How to: Create an Integrator LoginĀ 
  5. Enter the Connectwise Integrator Login password, found for the Integrator as per item #5
  6. Select the Current Version of ConnectWise that you are running.
  7. Test your Credentials and Resolve any Issues Displayed.

Step 2: Save your Details

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