Step 2 > Add Account Numbers to your Chart of Accounts

Update Account Numbers to your Chart of Accounts (if required)

Step 1: View your Chart of Accounts

From the Settings Menu, select Chart of Accounts. 

If it is not visible in the menu, select "General Settings" and then "Chart of Accounts"

Step 2: Update your Chart of Accounts to reflect the changes required.

  1. Click on the Account Name to view the Account Details:

Step 3: Review and Assign Account Numbers

  1. Enter account numbers based on your preferred account numbering range

    Tip: If you report into the Service-Leadership Benchmark, use your input numbering to group revenue into the required input areas of the SLI.

  2. Enter the Numbering for each of the accounts, keeping the number ranges consistent.
  3. Press Save when you are finished.

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