Why have I received a Welcome to Wise-Pay email and how do I accept a Wise-Pay Invite?

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Why have I received a Welcome to Wise-Pay email?
How do I accept a Wise-Pay Invitation?

Why have I received a Welcome to Wise-Pay email?

You have received a 'Welcome to Wise-Pay' email because the requested company would like to add you as a Payer.
Registering as a Payer gives you access to control your payments, view invoices, outstanding invoices, past payments and much more.

What this means
By accepting or 'Click Here' you are joining Wise-Pay as a Payer, this will give you control on how and when payments are made.  Some of Wise-Pay's distinct advantages include:

  • Visual representation - Wise-Pay provides a visual representation of your outstanding invoices, schedules invoices and past payments
  • Pay by Credit Card - Are you a big fan of credit card points?  We can set you Direct Debit 
  • Set and forget - Direct Debit payments for non MSA invoices can be set up on Wise-Pay to 'set and forget'!

What are the costs?
There are no costs invoice for being a Payer, this is a free service provided to you.

How do I accept a Wise-Pay Invitation?

The below information will walk you through the steps of accepting a 'Hello and Welcome to Wise-Pay!' email

  1. Click on the 'Click Here' in the email to create a new password
  2. Create a new Password, so you can log into Wise-Pay, then click Save
  3. Confirm your First Name | Last name | Email Address and enter your contact number
  4. Please note: you will need to tick 'I agree to the terms', then click Register 

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