Configuring Credit Card Surcharges

Wise-pay allows you to control surcharges by card type, together with flexible options for where to record the surcharges revenues, and even allocation of payment to account by card type.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Click Configure > Merchant > Edit
  2. Click Card Details / Surcharges Tab

    Note: This table (of payment card types) is loaded from your provider, so if your provider (ie. Stripe) offers Visa and Mastercard, this is all that you will see in the list.

  3. Click Accept Payment checkbox, for each card type that you want to accept payments for through Wise-Pay
  4. Optional: Nominate your surcharge to be charged as a percentage of the whole transaction amount, as issued to the client on your invoice
  5. Required: Set the Revenue account for the surcharge revenues to be posted into
  6. Required: Set the Surcharge Tax Code which will be applied to the transaction.  This is the tax rate that would be applied to 'service' charges. Generally, these are charged when services are taxable.
  7. Override Payment Account: Set this account if you would like Wise-Pay to allocate the payment to a separate clearing account. This is recommended to allow you to settle the bulk payments into the clearing account.
  8. Click Save
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