Wise-Pay Integration - ConnectWise (Legacy) Customer Portal

In order to facilitate the exchange of payment information from ConnectWise (Legacy) Customer Portal, Wise-Pay is configured as a Proxy, using the Authorize.Net framework to pass through the payment information to Wise-Pay, so that payment information can then be validated against balances outstanding in your Accounting System. Wise-Pay will always resolve the payment amount from your accounting system - regardless of payment amount showing in ConnectWise.

Using the new ConnectWise Customer Portal?

These steps detail how to configure the old ConnectWise (Legacy) Customer Portal. For steps on how to configure the new ConnectWise Customer Portal, see Wise-Pay Integration - ConnectWise Customer Portal.

How do I get there?

To configure your Wise-Pay Proxy, click Configure from the top menu and select Merchants.

What do I do?

Configure Wise-Pay Proxy

Configure the Settings below and click Save once done:

Transaction Key

This is the key used to link the payment to your account

Test URLThe URL that  ConnectWise (Legacy) Customer Portal will use to submit test transactions, when Live Mode is disabled
Live URL

The name of the event. This can be changed to suit your needs, but more often than not, it stays as is.

Recurring Test URLThe URL that  ConnectWise (Legacy) Customer Portal will used to submit Recurring Payment Information, when Live Mode is disabled.
Recurring Live URL

The URL that  ConnectWise (Legacy) Customer Portal will use to submit Recurring Payment Information, when Live Mode is enabled

Configure ConnectWise (Legacy) Customer Portal
  1. Log into ConnectWise
  2. Click System
  3. Click Setup Tables
  4. Search for Portal Configuration
  5. Edit Portal Configuration
  6. Click on the Invoices Tab
  7. Select Yes to enable online payments if it is presently disabled
  8. Select Authorize.Net from the Payment Processor
  9. Enter the Transaction Key into both API Login and Transaction Key
  10. Enter the Live URL into the URL
  11. Test Transactions - ConnectWise will simply test that the connectivity to the Wise-Pay processor is active, no test transactions are processed.
  12. Click Save

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