How To Receive Payment for an Issued Invoice

How To Receive Payment for an Issued Invoice

After you have subscribed and successfully on-boarded as a merchant in Wise-Pay, you can start taking payments from your Wise-Pay payers through their configured credit cards or bank accounts. The status of the issued invoices is reflected on both merchant and payer dashboards. You can either wait for your payer to log in to their respective accounts and pay for the invoices, or you can take the payment by using your Wise-Pay merchant account. To know more about the dashboard, see Introduction to Wise-Pay Merchant Dashboard.

Before you can take payments from your payers, ensure that you have added the payer and each of them has registered and configured her respective Wise-Pay account. For more information, see How To Manage Payers.


As a registered merchant, you can use the following step to take payment of outstanding invoices:

  1. Log in to Wise-Pay.
  2. The Outstanding Payments pod displays the invoices for which the payment is outstanding.
    Note: If the expected transaction is not visible, use the Refresh button () to refresh the contents of this pod.
  3. Select any of the following payment methods from the Actions drop down:

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