Can a Payer add Auto-Payment Terms

Yes, a Payer has the ability to select their own Auto-Payment Terms from the Merchant's Terms.

A Payer is able to:
  • Set Auto-Payment Terms that are available to them
  • Delete Auto-Payment Terms that they have created

Please note: Payers will only be able to select 'All Auto-Payment Terms'

When a Payer assigns their own Auto-Payment Billing Terms, they will be displayed as purple for Merchants:

How to add Auto-Pay Terms

As a Payer, you can allocate Auto-Payment Terms through the below steps:

1. Log into your Wise-Pay Account
2. Click Settings
3. Click My Details
4. Click Add
5. Auto-Pay Mapping
6. Select your Company Name
7. Select All Auto-Payment Terms
8. Select Primary Payment Method
9. Tick I accept the terms for automatic payments
10. Click Save.