A Payer's Overview

A Payer's Overview

Wise-Pay provides the ability for Payers - your clients to have their own Wise-Pay account free of charge.  Once created, each customer is provided with a secure management portal to manage their credit card and bank account, invoices, payments in a secure way.

Payers (your customers) have the ability to:

  • Save Credit Card & Bank Account Details
  • Make Payments using a Saved Credit Card
  • Add / Change payment methods
  • View Past Payments - processed through Wise-Pay
  • Schedule / Cancel future dated payments
  • Download Invoices (PDF)
  • Setup Auto Payments


The information displayed: outstanding invoices, scheduled payments, past payments etc are only relevant to you they cannot see other invoices from other companies.

Wise-Pay Dashboard

A Payer's Dashboard will consist of:

  • Outstanding Payments - this will display a list of Outstanding Invoices that apply to them
  • Scheduled Payments - will display any Invoices that have been scheduled for payment
  • Past Payments - will display all payments made via Wise-Pay that relate to the company


The Settings Tab will provide the user access to:

  • My Details
  • Saved Credit Cards
  • Saved Bank Accounts
  • Auto-Pay

Pay Now

The Pay Now Tab will provide the user access to:

  • Single Invoice Payment
  • Batch Invoice Payments

Scheduled Payments

Scheduled Payments Tab will provide users access to:

  • Search Amounts
  • Search Dates

Transaction Search

Transaction Search Tab will provide users access to:

  • Search Invoice Numbers
  • Search Amounts
  • Search Transaction ID
  • Search Transaction Status (Paid | Scheduled | Cancelled | Fixed | Payment Errors | Processing Error | Part Paid | Deleted | Error | Overpayment)
  • Date Reference
  • Direct Debit Payment
  • Batch Payments

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