New Feature: Pre-Payment Settlement Deposit Grouping (IntegraPay Only)

Pre-Payment Deposit Grouping (IntegraPay Only)

Simplifies bank reconciliation by grouping pre-payments received and settled according to transactions by source.

What it does

By enabling the feature, IntegraPay will then settle payments received from the various pre-payment sources into discreet groups based on the source of the transaction, I.e. 
  • Quosal
  • iSell (eCommerce)
  • ConnectWise Email Invoice Links (when an invoice has not yet been synced), and
  • Virtual Terminal  

What it means

Wise-Pay merchant's will have to ability to:
  • Payments settled to the bank account will be grouped by the Transaction Description set by the source of the transaction.
  • Merchants will receive the funds into their bank accounts settled as total funds groupe by the reference for each payment source.

What Configuration is required

1. Log into Wise-Pay
2. Click Configure
3. Select Merchants
4. Click Edit
5. Click Settlements Group tab
6. Update Settlement group Values (if required)
7. Click Save

Additional Resources

Wise-Pay Feature Release Webinar V1.3.3
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