Wise-Pay Virtual Terminal:

What it does

Wise-Pay allows for a direct link to a Virtual Terminal page that will provide direct payment options for you to accept payments without the requirement for a user to have a payment link.  The Wise-Pay Virtual Terminal has been specifically created to allow the site to be displayed within ConnectWise as a Custom Menu Entry.

Wise-Pay allows for single transaction payments to be directly reconciled and applied, however where multiple invoices or walk-in customers and payments where the invoice hasn't been created yet  Wise-Pay Virtual terminal will create a Prepayment.    
For further information regarding Prepayment please refer to the following Knowledge Based Article: http://setup.wise-pay.com/knowledgebase/articles/1124854

What it means

The Wise-Pay Virtual Terminal allows your team to quickly and easily take payment for outstanding or new accounts,  which ensures that you are able to reduce the risk of non-payment for walk-in or non-account customers work.

What configuration is required

Refer to the following knowledge based article for configuration requirements: Wise-Pay Virtual Terminal (Quick Link)


Note:  There is no option to override the surcharges when accessing Wise-Pay Virtual Terminal.  Surcharges will be applied based on the merchant configuration.

1. Enter the Invoice Number or Customer and Reference Details

2. Enter the Customer Card Details

3. Confirm and Process Payment

4. Payment Processed (Successful)