New Feature - Account Action Buttons

Payer Account Action Buttons

Colors have been added to the Action Buttons in the Payer Admin section to gain a visual representation of Payer's Accounts.

This new feature had been added to help users know when a Payer has added a new account (Credit Card or Bank Account), or if there is a failed transaction or expired credit card details.

To View the Action Buttons:

1. Log into Wise-Pay
2. Click 'Payer Admin'

Credit Cards:

  • No Credit Card -  White 
  • Saved Credit Card with no transactions - Blue 
  • Credit Card with no errors on transactions - Green 
  • Expiring Credit Cards - Orange 
  • Expired Credit Cards & Transaction Failures - Red 

Bank Accounts:

  • No Bank Account - White 
  • Saved Bank Account with no transactions - Blue 
  • Bank Account with no errors on transactions - Green 
  • Bank Account with payment error - Orange 
  • Invalid Bank Accounts - Red 

Filter Lists:

  • Credit Cards Expiring in 60 Days
  • Expired Credit Cards
  • Invalid Credit Cards and Banks Accounts
  • Fatal Transaction Errors
  • Soft Transaction Errors
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