What are Pre-Payments and how do I handle them?

Wise-Pay pre-payments occur when we receive money from a client but do not have an invoice to match the payment.

When this happens, Wise-Pay will automatically create a prepayment in Xero for this amount against the nominated bank account.

The Wise-Pay Prepayment account is a Current Liability Account:

It will appear in your Bank Account Transactions as a Prepayment - Unreconciled:

And on the Dashboard against Wise-Pay Prepayments:

You will need to locate the client in Xero, and verify if the Invoice has now, subsequently been received for payment:

The Wise-Pay Prepayment account should balance to $0.00.
To ensure that a client's payments are applied appropriately, we should be aiming for the Prepayment account to return to $0.00 as quickly as possible.

The final step is to reconcile the payment in the bank statement.
When the IntegraPay Batch Payment is received to your bank account, it will generally be a total of both Prepayments and Wise-Pay Clearing transactions.
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