Reconcilling a Wise-Pay Clearing Account with no Pre-Payments

How to reconcile a Wise-Pay Clearing Account with no Pre-Payments.

The following steps will walk to you through reconciling a Wise-Pay Clearing Account with no prepayments.

1.      Payments will be considered paid at the point where a transaction has gone through in Wise-Pay.

Wise-Pay will automatically receive a payment against the Invoice in Xero.
If this was manually processed the transaction will look like this:

The payment will then show in the Wise-Pay Clearing Account (these funds have been paid, but not received).

2.     IntegraPay will forward funds as a batch amount and this will appear in the Bank Statement

Locate the IntegraPay deposit - and create a transaction to allocate these funds to the Wise-Pay Clearing Account

This should match the payments made from the Wise-Pay Clearing Account, resulting in a $0.00 balance

If the balance is not $0.00 then:
1. Timing - The transaction missed the daily cut off and will be received tomorrow
2. PrePayment - The prepayment has been received and the funds have not been allocated to the payment.

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