The ability to configure the Source of the Invoice download.

Wise-Pay merchants have the ability to set the source of the Invoice to be downloaded to your Accounting Package or your ConnectWise invoice.

Once configured, when a Payer logs on to view an Invoice, depending on your configuration, they will either view the Accounting Package Invoice or ConnectWise's Invoice.

This can be configured in the Merchant Configuration > Invoice Source.

Configure Invoice Source:

  1. Click on 'Configure'
  2. Click on 'Merchants'
  3. Click edit your 'Merchant Account'
  4. From the drop down, select which invoice you will use:
  • ConnectWise Invoice
  • Account Platform (QuickBooks Online or Xero).
       5. Click 'save'

When you clicking the box, the below options are available for selection.

  • If ConnectWise fails to return a PDF Invoice (for example: Surcharge Invoices, Prepayments, Invoices entered directly into the Accounting Package) then it will default to returning the Accounting Package invoice.
  • Only approved or paid invoices will be displayed, if an invoice has been voided or in Draft status it cannot be downloaded from the accounting Package.