6.3 Adding Wise-Payers & Configuring Auto-Payments

Adding Wise-Payers & Configuring Auto-Payments

You will need to add as a Wise-Payer each customer you want to set up for Auto-Payments.

Step 1 - Go to Payer Admin

  • Log into Wise-Pay
  • Click on Payer Admin
  • Click + Add User

Step 2 - Add User

  • Start typing the customer Company name - it will auto-populate from ConnectWise

(Note: the Payer's Company Name must match ConnectWise)


  • User's email address (the primary contact's email address by default, but can be typed over)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Save

Click 'Edit'
Click 'Send Wise-Pay Welcome Email'

  • Your new user will then receive an email from Wise-Pay, stating that your company has added them, and inviting them to create a password.  
  • If they later forget that password, they can click on the Forgot Password link and be sent another email to create a new password ** check email address is sent from**

Step 3 - Add Payment Details

To add the Bank Account:

  • Click on the $

How to add a New Zealand Bank Account.


  • Bank Account Name
  • BSB/Clearing Code/Routing no. (depending on your region)
  • Bank Account Number
  • Save

Step 4 - Configure Auto-Payment terms for the Wise-Payer

  • Click on the Automate icon


  • Auto-Payment Terms ID (from those created in 6.3 Configure Auto-Payment Settings & Billing Terms)
  • Primary Payment Method (if more than one has been added)
  • Secondary Payment Method (a backup should the Primary Method fail - feature to be available soon)

Your customer is now ready to have their payments auto-scheduled next time you sync an invoice for them that matches the nominated billing terms.

Please note - Unless they are able to log in, clients are currently unable to manually add Credit Card or Bank Account details themselves, it will need to be done by you or another of your Wise-Sync Account Admins with Wise-Pay Company Access.  

Now on to Syncing to Schedule Auto-Payments

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