Resolved: PayNow Invoices Links not working after upgrade to 2016.1 (or later)

Resolved with Wise-Pay release v1.1.1 - January 13th 2015

See Wise-Pay Release Notes for further details  

We've found that a change the ConnectWise v2016.1 has added / updated the currency settings which is resulting in additional characters being passed through the invoice amount token used in the Email Invoice Template.

This presents as an error as the currency symbol is now included with the invoice amount, that was previously not present.

Error Text: 

Invalid format for the amount parameter: {Amount}

To resolve this you will need to ensure that the Symbol "$" is only present in the Currency Settings, BEFORE the emails are sent to your clients. The [invoice_amt] token is replaced during the sending of the invoice from ConnectWise.


Setup Table > Currency List Settings: 

v2015.6 - Currency Symbol: "$"

 v2016.1 - Currency Symbol: "AU$" :

Regardless of the setting (Display) the AU$ still appears in the invoice token in the email wizard, which results in a failure to define the amount of the invoice from a PayNow link. 

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