Step 2.2 - Configure: Terms & Disclaimers

Adding Terms and Disclaimers

To use Auto Payments you will be required to set up Terms and Disclaimers.  Your customers will be asked to confirm acceptance of these Terms whenever they interact with Wise-Pay - such as when they make or schedule a payment, or authorize for their card or bank details to be kept on file (with whichever of the PCI compliant providers you have nominated to process your payments).  

  • Log into Wise-Pay
  • Configure > Terms & Disclaimers

To use Wise-Pay Auto-Payments you will need to have authorization from your customer to take payments. Presently you will require authority for IntegraPay to take Direct Debit/ACH payments from their bank account.  If you have not yet received an electronic co-branded IntegraPay ACH/DD form for your clients to complete, please contact As your clients will need to click Acceptance of these Terms, Wise-Pay will not allow you to process Auto-Payments without Terms & Disclaimers set up.

Initially you will only see the Wise-Pay terms, and the Missing Terms! warning reminder until you to add Terms & Disclaimers for your customers:

To Create Terms & Disclaimers

  • Click Add Terms
You will need to create Terms and Disclaimers for each of:
  • User Account
  • Saved Card
  • Saved Bank Account
  • Payment
  • Direct Debit Request/ACH
  • Auto-Payments

In addition to the formatting tools when adding Terms and Disclaimers, there are a number of available tokens to allow you to better specify variables that may change. Some of these token values might vary by payment method (such as Merchant Provider), and others are items better managed elsewhere, like your Company Contact Name, Email and Phone numbers (see KB article on Wise-Pay Branding).  

Using these tokens will help you to avoid you having to update all of the Terms and Disclaimers when for example, your Accounts Team Member might change.  

List of available tokens:

  • Account Name - your company name
  • Merchant Provider - the payment services provider
  • Contact Name - Enquiries Contact Name configured in Wise-Sync > Company > Wise-Pay
  • Contact Email -  Enquiries Email configured in Wise-Sync > Company > Wise-Pay
  • Contact Phone - Enquiries Number configured in Wise-Sync > Company > Wise-Pay

Detailed or basic

You can configure the Terms and Disclaimers for each item to be very basic, simply getting your customers to click to confirm there are Terms and Disclaimers they have already agreed to as part of their MSP or ACH/DD agreement.  Or you can have your business's entire Terms and Disclaimers displayed again for your clients to acknowledge.   For example, you could copy and paste the whole of the IntegraPay DDR/ACH Service Agreement into the WYSIWYG screen, and format if required.

Best practice would be for Terms and Disclaimers to repeat the full agreement that your client has already accepted and signed for them to acknowledge once more.    In most cases, where you already have these agreements in place you may choose to use a simplified version here.

Simple Terms and Disclaimers Using Tokens (AU & NZ)

Simple Terms and Disclaimers Using Tokens (US)

Important Note about these Disclaimers:

These disclaimers are provided AS-IS they have not been drafted by legal counsel and should be utilized at your own risk and upon your own accord. Wise-Sync provides no warranty that these terms and disclaimers will provide sufficient basis should these be challenged in a court of law or any other legal proceeding. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are compliant with any local, state or federal laws.

Ensure you are adhering to all applicable laws relating to trading, the sale of goods and/or services in your jurisdiction, and complying with documentation requirements relating to the use of contracts or agreements for future reference.

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