Applying Surcharges

Applying Surcharges

Wise-Pay allows you to control surcharges by payment type, together with flexible options for where to record the surcharge revenues, and even the allocation of payment to account (by card type).

Wise-Pay allows you to:
  • Configure surcharges for Credit Card Payments
  • Configure Transaction Charges base on Credit Card Type
  • Configure surcharges for Auto-Payments
  • Override surcharges when processing payments.

Configure Card Details / Surcharges.

1. Log into Wise-Pay
2. Click Configure
3. Click Merchants
4. Click Edit
5. Click 'Card Details / Surcharges' Tab
For further information please refer to: Configure Card Details / Surcharges

Override Surcharge

Only Merchant's can Override a surcharge fee when they are processing the payment.

Auto-Payment Surcharge

Wise-Pay allows Merchant's to set / override Auto-Payment surcharge's.

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