Configure Merchant Account: Braintree

Braintree has all of the information that is required to complete the configuration of your Wise-Pay merchant account settings..

Log into Braintree with the details provided from your sign up process. If you do not have a Braintree account, Sign Up Here


Click On [Login Name] > Account Settings

Note: Your Login Name will be the account that signed up for Braintree, and has access to all admin functions. 

Step 1 - Obtain Braintree Merchant Account ID: 

  • Step 1.1 - Click on Settings > Processing

    Note: The merchant Account ID is required at a later step. Note this account ID for later reference.

    Merchant Account ID: hv5jz36g7n......

  • Step 1.2 - At the bottom of the form, note the "Merchant Account ID" this will be required for processing. Note this will be different between your Sandbox and Productions accounts.

  • Step 1.3 - From the top menu - Click on Account > My User

  • Step 1.4 - Scroll Down the Page: Click on the View API Keys button.

  • Step 1.5 - Press View.
  • Step 1.5 - Optional - If no API Key is present in the list box press the Generate New button to generate a new Key and revert to step 1.5 to view the API Key.

    Note the following settings: 

    Public Key:  
    Private Key:
    Merchant ID:

    Note:  The merchant ID listed here is different to the "Merchant Account ID" listed in step 1.1. This id is used to connect to your BrainTree Account; where the Merchant Account ID is used to connect to your processing service. This would be different for each processing account if you process cross-border transactions, or have one BrainTree account for multiple business accounts.

Log Into Wise-Pay Admin: Merchant Account Configuration

Click on the Blue Edit Icon

Step 2 - Merchant Configuration: 

  • Step 2.1 - Select the Merchant Account Type: Braintree Payment Gateway
  • Step 2.2 - Select the bank account you wish to allocate payments to, when received through Wise-Pay. 
    Note: Only Bank Accounts with Account Codes will be displayed in this drop-down
  • Step 2.3 - Select the Bank Account you wish to allocate Prepayments to (Only Bank Accounts can be selected).
  • Step 2.4 Select the Revenue Account for Prepayments received through Wise-Pay.
    Note: Only Revenue Revenue Accounts will display in the drop-down.
  • Step 2.5 (Optional): Select 'Allow DDR' to enable the option to accept 'Bank Debit' payments. This option is only available for merchant providers accepting bank debits in your region. Please contact us if you are not sure on whether your provider allows Bank Debits.
  • Step 2.6 (Optional) If using an Stripe as your "Primary Merchant Provider" select the secondary DDR provider, additional API Keys will need to be provided in the next step.
  • Step 2.7 Enter your preferred name for Surcharges if they are being charged for accepting of Credit Card transactions
  • Step 2.8 - Select to Disable accepting payments. Recommended until you have completed the setup and configuration.
  • Step 2.9 - Press Save.

Step 3 - Update Wise-Pay with Braintree API Keys