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Wise-Pay Payment Provider - Authorize.Net

If you're based in Australia, included in your subscription is the IntegraPay payment provider. Other Regions will be able to add one of the other providers as part of your subscription.

Additional charges apply for 3rd Party merchant accounts, in addition to the charges applied from your bank. 

  • $25 additional month fee for Wise-Pay (3rd Party Gateway)
  • $0.77 per transaction fee.

IntegraPay Not Available in your Region? If you're in a region where IntegraPay is not available, then your subscription will be charged according to the following ratesIn most cases, the Wise-Pay integrated account with IntegraPay will be more cost effective, as the rates are flat-rate, and will not fluctuate based on premium card types.

This is in addition to any charges that will be charged directly by Authorize.Net.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Applying for your Authorize.Net Account

    • Need an Authorize.Net Account > SignUp Now

      Note: Wise-Pay is not able to provide any further support until your account with Authorize.Net is established.
  • Already have an account; record the following information
    • API Key:
    • API Password:

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