Getting Started - Wise-Pay Onboarding Overview

Wise-Pay Onboarding Overview

This is the moment that you've been waiting for, finally a payment integration that changes the way that you accept and manage payments.

For too long, the capabilities of payment systems have been about taking the cash, and leaving the rest to you to figure out. The reality is that by accepting credit card payments it can result in hours wasted reconciling, matching and finding information on transactions, burning through hours of your valuable time; and don't get us started on the cost…

Well, no more! Wise-Pay is going to get you online accepting payments in a flexible and cost effective way. 

If you've previously worked through the Wise-Sync setup, you'll be familiar with our step-by-step processes, designed to help you through the simple (but complex) steps. Good news is that Wise-Pay has less configuration; more relaxation. So let’s get started. Here is what you will need to complete:

Step 1: Sign Up to + Wise-Pay:  

  • Sign Up to your preferred Wise-Pay plan through your Wise-Sync Plan Management Screen
  • Sign Up to your preferred Payment Service Provider  

Step 2: Configure Merchant Settings for your preferred Payment Provider

Each merchant has a slightly different implementation; so we've documented each. Just keep in mind that the details provided in these screens are sensitive, so please keep them safe as you would any other primary access information. Click on the following articles to set up each of the different payment providers. 

Your subscription will include a standard account with IntegraPay, our preferred payment provider. 

Note: If you'd rather select one of our other payment partners, additional merchants can be added for a small fee.  

Step 3: Configure Wise-Pay Payment Services

Payment services provide the connection between the various integration points (ConnectWise, Quosal, Xero, Email Links) to the supported Payment Providers (IntegraPay, Braintree, Stripe, Authorize.Net)

Setup your Surcharges, including:
    • The rate that you will charge (if any) by Card Type
    • Where the revenues should be posted for surcharges
    • Which account Wise-Pay should use to allocate payment against the invoice.

      Setup > Configure Card Details / Surcharges
Configure Payment Services:

Step 4: Granting Access and Testing 

User access provides your customers with direct access to download past invoices, manage recurring payment methods and pay using saved credit cards. If you enable Payment Services for either Xero, ConnectWise or Quosal you only need to add users if you have recurring payment (Direct Debit) agreements. Any invoice can be paid via one of the payment services without the need for creating a Wise-Pay User Account.

Invite Users
  • Invite the users that you would like to have access to schedule Wise-Pay payments, access the Wise-Pay portal to see their outstanding invoices and download copies of invoices.

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