Error Message

The error could be one of the following

ConnectWise 'CreateBatch' returned an error: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Length cannot be less than zero.


ConnectWise 'UpdateBatch' returned an error: System.Data.SqlClient.Sql.Exception (0x80131904): String or binary data would be truncated.


This error normally means that you have a special character in your Invoice, PO Packing Slip or PO Number, or Inventory Adjustment ID.

Symbols that shouldn't be used include:

  •  | 
  •  ' 
  • #

Steps to take:

Remove any 'special characters' from the record ID's and try to sync the record again.

Note for Inventory Adjustments: The ID for an Inventory Adjustment cannot contain any special characters. If it does, then a support ticket will need to be logged with ConnectWise to have them remove the illegal characters from the Inventory Adjustment ID / Name or Descriptin./