Error Messages:

  • No Item ID or Non-Product ID has been defined in ConnectWise for an item with Account Number

The above error message can occur because you have given a discount.

Currently we do not support product discounts, as the line is empty.


If you would like to give a discount we recommend adding a "Discount" product to the invoice.

For Example: Create a new product called: 'Promotion Adjustment'.
The 'Promotion Adjustment' is a 'Service' Type & Class.
You would add the product to an invoices as a negative amount. 

You will need to ensure that your Product Discount has been mapped correct in the GL Accounts (with a Non-Product ID).

This gives greater flexibility, for example a Promo Adjustment can be set up with different categories / sub-categories which will allow you to see where you are discounting, and allow you to map them to different Accounts in your Accounting Package.