Error: Sync could not proceed. Please correct the errors and try again. 'Access Token has not been set'.

The following issues occur when Wise-Sync has been disconnected from Xero:

Issues Encountered:

  • Sync could not proceed.  Please correct the errors and try again. 'Access Token has not been set'.
  • Cannot Connect to Xero
  • Xero outage occurs

(Normally clicking on the Sync menu will resolve the issue, as it forces the system to exchange keys again).

If you click on the Company Menu, and the organisation is disconnected, then you will need to reconnect your Xero Organisation.



Reconnect to Xero:

  1. Log into Wise-Sync via a browser such as Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer ( Click Here > )
    Note: You cannot log in via the ConnectWise Quick Link Menu, as the Connect to Xero button will not work.  
  2. Click on Companies in the top menu in wise-sync
  3. Select your company in this list to edit.
  4. Click on the Connect to Xero button.
  5. You will then be returned to Xero to select your company to authorise.
  6. You will then be returned to Wise-Sync where all of your company details will now be present.
  7. Press Save.
Failing to press save at step 7 will not resolve the underlying issue as we will not have saved your new Xero Access token.

Using IE 6: If you continue have issues authorising the application, please try a different browser, such as Chrome or Firefox.

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