An error has been reported where Xero Invoice Option in Wise-Sync is set to Detailed.

NOTE: This article only applies if you have the Invoice Option set to "Detailed" so that invoices created in Xero will include the detailed time entry information.

ConnectWise have noted this as a result of the "Detailed" option being removed from versions 2014.5 and 2014.5. It is expected that this feature will return in v2015.1 > CW Ticket > #4614943

Partners are advised to rever to "Summary" To resolve this issue

  1. Log into Wise-Sync (from a browser, preferably Chrome).
  2. Click on the Companies Link at the Top.
  3. Click on your Company from the list.
  4. Click on the Xero Invoice Options tab
  5. Select "Summary" from the Service Time Entry Invoice Options.

  6. Press Save.

Once you have saved the settings, click on the "Sync" button, and the invoices will be posted without error.