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You're Done! Syncing Inventory is Easy.

Once you have completed the setup of your Inventory Setup in ConnectWise and Xero, you're ready to start syncing.

As a reminder, the following records are created as part of the Inventory Processes

  • Inventory Transactions - Created at the time of Invoice, where a "Inventory" class products is sold.
  • Inventory Transfers - Created when you transfer a product from one Warehouse to another.
  • Inventory Adjustments - Created when you make a Stock on Hand (or Valuation Adjustment) to your Inventory Balances.

More Information on Use Cases:

When you start syncing your Inventory to Xero, Wise-Sync will start processing the transactions according to details contained in each batch. If you have had Inventory running in ConnectWise for some time before, you might need to make some manual adjustments to your ConnectWise Inventory levels, before you start batching your inventory.

Common Challenges when switching over to "Inventory"

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