Known Issue: Payments do not sync back to ConnectWise where Invoice ID is the Same As Purchase Order ID

Update: Issue Resolved v2.3.3

This issue has been resolved in version 2.3.3. which included updates to improve efficiency for larger organisations.

Wise-Sync has identified an issue where Payments will not sync for Payments Applied to Invoices in Xero, where the Invoice # is the Same is the Purchase Order #.

This issue cannot be resolved as the limitation exists when Wise-Sync calls for a list of all changed Invoices. As both Accounts Receivable (Invoices) and Accounts Payable (Purchase Orders) are returned in the one set from xero, if the Invoice / PO numbers are both the same, then only the AP invoices will be returned by xero.

Workaround: Using a prefix on the PO's which can be set in the My Company Screen in ConnectWise.

Setting the Prefix, will prepend the string "PO" to all Purchase Orders, so that the PO numbers can never overlap (due to the prefix).