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Comprehensive instructions are available our knowledge base, and you can make a start on the ConnectWise setup straight away.
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Setup Requirements and User Understanding of The Connectwise GL Interface

Before you get started, you will need to have a working understanding of how the GL Interface Operates in Connectwise. Wise-Sync will ensure that the information being Synced across to xero matches a number of validation rules, it is however important that you understand the way in which the data structures in ConnectWise effect the output of the financial data into xero.

The following ConnectWise university articles should be reviewed as they cover off the required understanding for the following:

  • Accounting Interface Training
    > Understanding the Accounting Interface, it's functions and how to address GL Mapping Issues
  • GL Setup Tables
    > How detailed do you want your financial records to be outputted in xero, understanding the GL Mapping is fundamental to the outcomes of your data in XERO.

Follow the Setup Process to work your way through to simple accounting syncronsisation.

We provide free Email support for our basic plans, we suggest that you complete the ConnectWise training programmes as provided in the overview above.

Setup time varies based on the detailed level of GL Mapping that you are looking to achieve.

We also provide consulting services if you want us to do it for you.


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