Syncing with Wise-Sync (Payments)

Syncing paid invoices to ConnectWise with Wise-Sync is simple. Wise-Sync posts applied payments back to ConnectWise, the only condition for this process to work is that the Invoice Reference must be exactly the same in both systems.

Tip: Allocating Credit Memos

There is no way for Wise-Sync to interact with the application of credit memos. Credit Memos should be raised in ConnectWise (created as a Special Invoice - Credit Memo), synced, and then applied to both the ConnectWise invoice and the Xero Invoice manually.

Syncing Payment back to ConnectWise

  1. Select the company you need to Sync to
  2. Click on the Payments Tab (if not already selected)
  3. Set an alternative date to sync Payments Updated After (I.e. To re-apply payments made earlier).
  4. Press the Sync Payments button.
  5. Review the results


Wise-Syc processes any payments applied which are cross-referenced against a ConnectWise list of invoices. Wise-Sync does not validate whether a payment has been reconciled on the bank statement.

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