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GL Mapping defines the ways in which the data will be recorded in xero. There are many levels in which the revenue and expenses can be driven into xero that will provide you with a very different outcome when viewing your Profit & Loss reports in xero. There are a few different schools of thought when considering the level in which you will "Map Out" your GL Accounts.

  1. Export only summary level financial data (Simplest to Setup, No Maintenance).

    Usage Example: You only want to see top line information, such as "Revenue" and "Expenses", you will use ConnectWise for all detailed financial reporting to measure financial performance from within your revenue and expense lines.

  2. Export work group summary data (Detailed Setup, Minimal Maintenance)

    Usage Example: You would like to see more detailed level information from within the Work group levels in ConnectWise. This will provide you with the ability to export revenue into discrete revenue account lines, such as "Hardware Sales", "Software Sales", "Services Revenue", "MSA Revenue"

  3. Export detailed level data (Extensive Setup, Ongoing Maintenance).

    Usage Example: You want to use xero to provide you with detailed level reports, breaking the revenue down to functional or product sub-category levels. This will provide the exported details to allow for revenue to be segmented into key account lines such as "Hardware Sales" would further have sub-categories and matching accounts for example "Infrastructure Sales", "Desktop Sales", "Consumables", etc. etc.


When considering the above, selecting the level in which you would like to export to xero, will define the level of detail that you can report on in XERO. You cannot drill into or report on detailed level transactions if you are only exporting at a summary level.

In the next section, it is expected that you will have completed the following Connectwise training programme:

  • GL Setup Tables

    > How detailed do you want your financial records to be outputted in xero, understanding the GL Mapping is fundamental to the outcomes of your data in XERO.

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