An Item has a blank sales account number (for PO's)

An Item has a blank sales account number (for PO's).

This error can occur when the GL mapping is missing from the Setup Tables in ConnectWise. & relates to the Income category of the product used in the Purchase Order.

Error Text: An Item has a blank sales account number.


Information you'll need..

1. Purchase order number & relating company name from relevant purchase order in ConnectWise that has caused the error.

Steps to take

From the Products section of the Setup of ConnectWise follow these steps:

1.1 Search for the product (from the Purchase Order that has caused the error). Take note of the Sub-category number of the product.

From the Setup Tables section of ConnectWise follow these steps:

2.1 Search the Tables for GL Accounts & click into it

2.2 Search the Record for the Sub-category number you took note of in 1.1

In this example, this needs to be a Revenue-Product/ Products: SubCategory/ 7.4 PROJ Consulting Service [I10}

2.3 Select an existing record that has the same Sub-Category & take note of the account numbers, then click Create New

2.4 Fill in the fields & save/close (this is the GL mapping)

2.5 Refresh by clicking Search. The account you just created will appear.

From the Purchase Order screen in ConnectWise follow these steps:

3.1 In ConnectWise un-receive the PO in the Purchase tab of the Purchase Order by un-ticking the check box, then click Save

3.2 In the Products tab of the Purchase order un-receive all the products by clicking into them individually (changing them back to Open). Un-tick the check box, delete the Packing Slip, delete the Received Qty & Save

4.1 Go into the ConnectWise Accounting Interface screen & click on the Open Batches tab

4.2 Enter the Purchase Order number with asterisks on both sides & click Search

4.3 If the PO Batch appears click Delete

5.1 Go back into the Purchase Order screen, refresh the screen by clicking Search & then re-receive all products in the Products tab, closing the Purchase Order

6.1 Re-sync the PO to Xero

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