Invoice already in a fully paid state - Purchase Orders (POs)


Invoice already exists with payment(s) applied or Error Invoice already in a fully paid state.

How Can this Happen?

The sync issue is that the records can't be updated, as the invoice in Xero/QBO has already a payment/s applied.

The issue may also occur when a Bill in Xero/QBO uses the same Invoice number in ConnectWise, preventing the sync. Wise-Sync somehow recognizes this Bill as an Invoice 


If the invoice was previously synced and has to be resynced because of the recent changes, please follow the steps below:

1 Remove the payment in Xero/QBO

2. Re-sync the invoice

3. Re-apply the payment in Xero/QBO

However, if the invoice details in ConnectWise matches with the Xero/QBO invoice, then no need to resync the invoice, just create a Manual Batch to remove it from the Unposted Invoices in ConnectWise. 

And if there’s AP Bill created in Xero/QBO with the same invoice number, rename the bill or add a prefix “PO” or “Bill” then re-sync the invoice.

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