No matches for billing or default contact

No matches for billing or default contact

This error occurs when a billing contact is missing from ConnectWise.

Continued Troubleshooting: 

Error Text:  Validation Error: No matches for billing or default contact.

This error can occur when:
  • There isn't a Billing Contact.
  • There isn't a Default Contact.
  • The Bill To Company has been deleted.
  • The Bill to Company Contact is 'Inactive' when you view the Contact Profile.


Information you'll need..

1. Invoice number/Purchase order number & relating company name from relevant invoice/purchase order in ConnectWise that has caused the error.

Steps to take

From the Company details screen in ConnectWise follow these steps:

1.1 Check that the Primary Contact has been selected. 

Example of Primary Contact not selected.

1.2 Fill in the contact details manually & click Save or assign Primary Contact from the picker (magnifying glass)

2.1 From the Company Finance screen check that the Billing Contact has been selected.

2.1.1 Click through Company Finance Screen, and check Bill to Contact Details.

2.2 Select contact details using the same process & click Save.

2.3 Check the Vendor Xref and the Tax ID are populated with the companies Tax ID

2.4 Ensure the Bill To Company hasn't been deleted
a. Search for the Bill To Company in 'Companies'
b. If there isn't a Bill To Company you will need to check the Company Recycle Bin (System > Mass Maintenance)
c. Restore the company, ensure the Company has Contacts and add the Contact to the Billing Contact for this company.

2.5 Ensure that the Contact as selected in the above is set to 'Active' not 'Inactive' when you view the Contact Profile details.

3.0 Re-sync the record to your Accounting Package.

If the issue persists, read Validation Error occurring even when default or billing contact set

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