How to Manage Company Name for Payers

The Companies tab of the Payer Settings displays the payer company name linked to your merchant company. A payer would be able to view the outstanding invoices issued by your company if the payer company name mentioned in the payer's account matches to the payer company name configured in the payer administration settings.

A payer will be able to view the outstanding invoices when the payer company name is same in payer and merchant accounts.


Follow these steps to change the company name for a payer:

  1. Click Payer Admin to view the Wise-Pay Settings page.
    Wise-Pays displays a list of payers registered with your merchant account.

  2. Click More > Rename Payer Company to rename the payer company
    Wise-Pay displays the Rename Payer Company popup.

    You can also click the Edit icon for a payer record and click the Companies tab, and click the Edit icon to change the company name.

  3. Update the payer company and click Save.


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