How To Handle Overpayments

Before you continue reading this article, make sure that you have read What are Batch Payments and How To Make Batch Payments.

Wise-Pay provides you with a flexibility of removing one or more invoices from a batch of paid invoices. This feature is helpful when you have mistakenly included an invoice in a batch and paid its outstanding amount.

When an invoice is removed from a paid batch, Wise-Pay calculates the difference between the paid and allocated amount, and provides the following options to adjust the over-paid amount:

  • Add Invoice: Enables you to select another outstanding invoice from the same Wise-Pay merchant. You can either choose to fully or partially pay one or more invoices. In other words, you can adjust the over-payment among multiple invoices. This is helpful when the generated over-payment is more than the outstanding payment for an invoice. Follow these steps:

    1. On the Batch Payment Details page, click Add Invoice to view the Add Invoice popup that displays the list of outstanding invoices from the same company.
    2. Select the desired invoice that you wish to pay to adjust the overpayment generated by removing the invoice from a paid batch.
    3. Specify the Payment Amount and click Update to update the batch.

      Note: To avoid any accounting errors, It is a suggested practice to make sure that the amount against Applied to Invoices and Batch Amount is same

  • Add Overpayment: Enables you to generate a credit note of the overpaid amount that has been generated by removing a paid invoice from the batch. This credit note can be applied to any other invoice from the same company. You can use the Reference value to find the credit note in the accounting package. Follow these steps:
    1. On the Batch Payment Details page, click Add Overpayment to generate a credit note. Wise-Pay generates a credit note with a unique reference.
    2. You may click the View button to view the credit note in the accounting package.

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