Wise-Sync: Version 4.6.9 Release Notes

Release Date - 10th October 2019

Wise-Sync v4.6.9.1

A couple of bugs we needed to get rid of!

  • There was an issue with subscription totals on the Subscription Confirmation for anyone signing up to the Mr Miyagi plan.
  • In some cases, fully paid agreement invoices (with a $0 total) would be thrown out of balance once it hit Quickbooks Online (in a case we saw, a GST amount of 2c). We're not sure exactly what QBO is doing to cause the discrepancy, so we've updated the Rounding Adjustment feature to handle these cases and create the adjustment needed to bring the invoice back to $0.

Release Date - 8th October 2019

Wise-Sync v4.6.9

Improvements to re-syncing invoices from Datto Autotask PSA and a bunch of bug fixes for ConnectWise sync are the flavours of this release!

Easily re-sync transactions from Datto Autotask PSA

We've improved the experience of re-syncing invoices from Datto Autotask PSA from the Sync Now screen.


For invoices that resulted in an error (red) during sync, the Web Service Date will not be set on the invoice in Datto Autotask PSA. This will allow the invoice to be re-synced easily by clicking New Sync.

Warnings and Successful Syncs

For invoices that resulted in a success or warning, the Web Service Date has been set on these invoices in Datto Autotask PSA. To re-sync these invoices, the batch must be deleted, which clears the Web Service Date.

Once that's complete, click New Sync for the invoices to be available to sync again.

Batches can also be deleted from the Sync History screen:

Other Updates

  • A Failed to get Warehouse error occured when the Wise-Sync Account Setting ConnectWise PSA Site ended with a / .
  • When creating an Item in Xero, the Purchase Description was not being set when syncing Invoices and Procurement from ConnectWise. This is now being set from the Product Description in ConnectWise.
  • When syncing COGS Journals as a draft from ConnectWise, duplicate Manual Journal drafts were created.
  • There was an Index Out of Bounds error when viewing the Plan tab in Edit Wise-Sync Account.
  • There was an issue with the sign up flow that didn't display Wise-Pay cost correctly on the confirmation page.
  • Various bug fixes to resolve issues for ConnectWise REST Integration currently in Beta.
    • The unit cost of items was being set as the sales unit price in Xero.
    • There was a recurring Xero Connection error on the Sync screen indicating the access token was not set.
    • A Sequence contains no elements occured because Wise-Sync wasn't passing through an appropriate Thru Date to create a batch for invoices with today's date.
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