An item is referencing an account: (Account Number) which does not exist in QuickBooks.


An item is referencing an account: (account number) which does not exist in QuickBooks. - Refer to Item: (item name)

Applies to: ConnectWise, QuickBooks Online

How can this happen?

  • The account number used in ConnectWise GL Mapping does not exist in QBO. 
  • The account number used in ConnectWise GL Mapping is not in the same format in QBO (most likely in a form of Main-account: Sub-account format).


Ensure that the account number stated in the error exists in QBO and both systems have the same format.

If the account number already exists in QBO but the format is different from ConnectWise GL Mapping, you can either:

  • Change the GL Mapping in ConnectWise if QBO has the correct format
    1. Go to System > Setup Tables > GL Accounts
    2. Find and update the GL Mapping
    3. Update the GL entries of the record (Invoice/PO)
      RecordConnectWise VersionActions

      - 2019.4 and below

      - 2019.5 and above

      - Set the Invoice to "GL Reload" status

      - From the Accounting Interface > Unposted Invoices Tab, you could update the GL entries by selecting the record and then Actions > Update GL Entries

      Purchase Orders
      2019.4 and above
      Re-open the PO > Un-receive the line items > Re-receive the items
    4. Close the record
    5. Re-sync
  • Or change the format in QBO if ConnectWise GL Mapping has the correct format then re-sync.

If you are unsure, you may have to consult your Accountant which account format to follow.


For more information on how to map sub-accounts please refer to the article: QBO Account / GL Mapping Supported Account Mappings

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