Failed to create batch


Failed to create batch

Applies to: ConnectWise, Xero, QuickBooks Online

How can this happen?

Either there's a ConnectWise Manage data integrity issue or ConnectWise Manage is creating an incomplete data sets


This error normally gets resolved by either refreshing the GL Entries of a record or updating the incomplete data of a record. Please see the solution below per transaction type.

  • For invoice - Set the status of the invoice to GL Reload > save and then, set back to Closed or Closed-Emailed, then Re-sync
  • For Procurement
    • If you are syncing a single PO, Re-open the PO, go to Products tab, select each product which has not been batched, untick the Closed checkbox and save, then Re-Close item/s as well as the PO and sync again.  
    • For multiple POs, you'll have to find the affected PO from the sync logs. To do that, from the sync result, click on the Logs, find the Failed create batch error, take note of the PO number and do the same steps above to reload the GL Entry for single PO.
  • For Expenses - The XML Result has to be checked to identify the cause of the failure. Once corrected, the expense record/s may now be re-synced. To view the XML Result, please follow the steps below.
    1. From the Wise-Sync Sync Results, click on Batches
    2. Click on the (i) icon to View Log
    3. Then click the (i) icon again to View Full Details

If the solution above will not work, you may need to contact ConnectWise support.

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