Wise-Sync: Version 4.5.0 Release Notes

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Hot Fix Release:  v4.5.0.6
  • #WS-139: Missing / invalid data in the Onboarding Checks widget
  • #WS-141: User interface improvements for the Onboarding Checks 'Project Resource' filter.
Hot Fix Release:  v4.5.0.3 

  • #WS-135:  Users Issues Running Wise-Sync Following jQuery Update (28 October 2017)
  • #WS-136:  Add ConnectWise Version Support For 2018.1  (28 October 2017)

Hot Fix Release:  v4.5.0.2
  •   # WS-134: Sync Error Causing Severe Log Load (27 October 2017)
Hot Fix Release:  v4.5.0.1
  •   # WS-133: Wise-Sync > Hide Unreleased Feature (26 October 2017)
Release date: 23rd October 2017

Issues Fixed:

  • #WS-106 Wise-Sync > Xero > API supports Products of 60 Characters
  • #WS-121 Resource Scheduling Timezone Issues
  • #WS-4 Account Default for Revenue Type Mapping
  • #WS-112 Mission Control showing incorrect time when countries are in daylight savings
  • #WS-125 Task Scheduler Error Log Bloat
  • #WS-130 Expense Sync Fails with "method not supported" error fix

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